Machine Quilting Services

Here are my services and some frequently asked questions:

How long have you been machine quilting?
I have been long arm quilting for over eleven years, and have quilted over 4200 quilts as of October 12, 2018.

How should I prepare my top and backing for quilting?
Your top and backing should be pressed.  The backing should be at least three inches larger than your top (on all four sides).

How much do you charge for your quilting?
Quilting starts at .025 cents per square inch.  But, my minimum charge is $40.00.

What kind of thread do you use?
I only use Superior Threads.

Does your quilting fee include batting?
No, batting is extra.  I carry Quilters Dream Batting, and I have a wide variety in stock.

What other fees do you have?
The only other charge I have is tax.

Do you sew on binding?
Yes, I can sew on your binding to the front and you can hand sew it to the back, or I could sew it on completely for you as well.